Diamonds On The Avenue Diamond Earrings – Chic and Stylish, A couple of weeks ago Jared Diamond, of Guns, Germs and Steel fame, had a piece of writing in the New Yorker describing tribal warfare inside New Guinea Highlands. Diamond takes us via a typical feud that started over accusations by one tribe that another […]

Diamond Skin Care Bridal Attire – Finding Jewelry to Compliment Your Wedding Ensemble, Diamond earrings are lovely accessories that dress up your beautiful ears and exhibit your personality and fashion quotient. Though ear-piercing is regarded as hip in most countries, it is just a traditional practice in India. The concept of piercing the ear and […]

Diamonds In Rhythm Why and Where You Should Buy Diamond Engagement Rings Wholesale, Many of the shimmering special stones that you simply encounter in jewelry stores and boutiques worldwide possess the name “fashion” pegged onto them in order to push product. Yet, any discerning and true fashion wary customer is aware that the word may […]