Diamonds On The Avenue Diamond Earrings – Chic and Stylish, A couple of weeks ago Jared Diamond, of Guns, Germs and Steel fame, had a piece of writing in the New Yorker describing tribal warfare inside New Guinea Highlands. Diamond takes us via a typical feud that started over accusations by one tribe that another […]

Diamonds In Africa Diamond Carat FAQs, Diamond earrings are a fantastic addition to the woman’s jewelry collection. They have been in fashion and demand among women. They have kept their standing as most popular for their brilliance, elegance, and capacity to match everything. Diamonds are very shiny and sparkly, and that’s why the ladies cannot […]

Diamonds In The Ruff Rescue Baume and Mercier Watches Are Reliable, Accurate, Stylish and Modern!, While diamonds is often a girls best ally, a whole new sort of diamond will really sway a great deal of women using their eco-friendly policy. Synthetic Diamonds are diamonds that instead of being harvested by children in Africa, are […]